Dead bananas

Anyone working in customer services (and those in public relations handling media complaints) will enjoy these videos (via Seth Godin’s blog) produced by Finnish husband-wife artist team, Oliver Kochta Kalleinen and Tellervo Kalleinen.  They invited whinges from local communities who then perform in “complaint choirs” – Helsinki and Birmingham are featured here.  They really are brilliant.

I love the phrase “dead bananas” in the Brummie one – for those pathetic specimens that never ripen.  I’m going to adopt this as the opposite of “green bananas” – people who are interested in growing.  From now on “dead bananas” are moaners, drains and those who never look on the bright side of life.

With new figures from the Office of National Statistics showing ever increasing life expectancy for those in the UK and debate about whether optimists have a better quality of life (such as recovering faster from illness) – maybe we should all turn our negative thoughts to music.  See the Centre for Confidence and Well-being for more practical advice.

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  1. Nice blog Heather. “Greenbananas” is a great way of looking at things. Much better than that diary system from Denmark. I think their moaners were called “One-baggers”.

    Permission to use the term in a speech next week?

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