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I love an effective public relations stunt (especially with great photos) and at first glance, the story of the VW Touareg towing a Jumbo 747 is a good one. Great coverage in The Sun for example – and bound to get people talking.  But the blogosphere isn’t so kind – reported straight by autoblog, (which is top of a Google news search for the story) then the postings begin to question the premise of the stunt (ie basic physics) and then slate the vehicle itself.  The mainstream offline buzz is probably worth any limited online whinging, but PRs can’t ignore the fact that whether the blogosphere loves or hates a stunt determines whether it spreads.  Disappointing that there is no video on YouTube – I can’t believe VW haven’t got that one covered.

I’ll be interested to see what the experts at the first UK Word of Mouth communications conference in London on 1 December think about the offline vs online challenge – maybe see you there?

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  1. Viral and buzz communications? Someone elaborate please! I like the sound of that event though, pity I’m hundreds of miles away up here in Scotland – where I seem to have missed the lesson on the above two concepts….

  2. You’ll look at viral and buzz in the 4th session of your CIPR advanced certificate studies. They are basically other terms for word of mouth – but reflect the more modern trend for some issues to spread really fast (using email and now blogs) among groups of connected people. Seth Godin’s Idea Virus and Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point both look at these topics – and you could check out both guys’ blogs. Wikipedia is worth checking out too for more on the topics – and

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