Plus ça change…

reminds us of how quickly the Internet has become part of our lives with a fascinating link to a 1993 CBC report

I had been working in public relations for about 5 years by then – and had been using computers to produce press information all that time.  Of course, such skills were matched to an ability to stuff press packs, which surprisingly the Internet doesn’t seem to have eliminated as a core PR competency.  Being able to write well and engage with contacts, including media, remain equally important today.

My early experiences with computers involved dot commands to make text appear stylish – before WYSIWYG was common.  This has proven useful in understanding HTML for blogging.  I am also grateful that I achieved the RSA Diploma for Personal Assistants on graduating from University – as I can touchtype at 80wpm (albeit initially on a manual typewriter in 1983).

In the past 13 years, the Internet has clearly changed the world in many ways, but having solid core skills that can be adapted to modern media supports PR’s evolution in the face of the Internet revolution.

As the French say: “plus c’est la meme chose, plus ça change

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