Personal 2007 plans

Although the New Year is an arbitrary point at which to think about making changes – it remains the traditional time of resolutions.  I believe that if you make a statement about your aims and goals, this helps make them come true.

Also, I believe in “greenbanana” thinking () and am in my 4th year of the  Developing Excellence continuous professional development programme (receiving my accredited practitioner status in January).

So here are my 5 goals for 2007:

  • To complete and publish my “PR Career Handbook” concept
  • To spend more time with the people and pets that I love rather than working
  • To increase the “return on investment” of the time I spend working – whether that is in monetary or personal satisfaction measures
  • To get things done around the house: new kitchen, garden, etc
  • To do some different things – we all need new challenges

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Heather Yaxley PhD

Dr. Heather Yaxley is passionate about sustainable careers, reflective practice and professional development. I am a rhizomatic educator, practitioner, consultant, academic and scholar. As a qualified academic, I teach the CIPR professional qualifications with PR Academy and have experience teaching at various Universities. I run the Motor Industry Public Affairs Association (MIPAA) and my own strategic consultancy. I was awarded by PhD researching Career Strategies in Public Relations by Bournemouth University in 2017. I'm a published author, with books, chapters and academic papers to my name.

2 thoughts on “Personal 2007 plans”

  1. Last year’s research trip in the Moray Firth living with scientists for a week studying the behavioural patterns of minke whales fell through….

    I’d love to do it this year. I’m a keen photographer and I’d love to get my own shots of a whale. It will be my reward to myself for working hard in my advanced certificate.

    Of course, it would be easy for me to take up the Greenpeace stance and join them on their fight against Finland who reinstated their slaughter of minke whales last year.

  2. I saw an episode of “Coast” on BBC3 over the holidays where they interviewed some surviving Scottish whalers expressing regret over the killing they had done in the Atlantic many decades ago. I think it would be amazing to learn more about the whales – and certainly, why not become an active public in protecting a species you care about.

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