Police PR better connected in UK

Ellee Seymour has an interesting post linking to a  article comparing the investigation of the Ipswich murders before Christmas with a similar case in New Jersey.  The UK is praised for the use of community and media relations, including the Internet, with “about 30 press releases on the county police’s Web site” compared to zero information on the Atlantic County prosecutor’s site. 

The public relations team in Ipswich seemed to be an integral part of the investigation and professionally responded to 24 hour attention from the world’s media – despite the lack of previous high profile murder cases in the county.  The New York Times cites Anna Woolnough, a press officer for the Suffolk Constabulary, who highlights that the public response had been “overwhelming in terms of useful information.” 

In recent years, a lot of students I have worked with on the diploma and advanced certificate courses have come from police authorities.  Clearly there is a recognition of the value of the discipline which is most evident in such high profile cases.

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  1. PR practitioners in-house within the police authorities are civilians rather than police officers, and as such you are right, they have been able to bring an expertise in managing media (as well as internal and community relations) to help address the previously closed attitudes within the police.

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