Disney closes down critical blog

Online Media Daily  is reporting that has succeeded in closing down a blog site “Spocko’s Brain” after the media critic posted audio files of right-wing talk show hosts on a Disney owned radio station (KSFO) and sent letters to advertisers highlighting the abuse their brands were receiving.  Apparently there is debate about copyright of the audio files – but one has to ask whether (a) companies such as Disney are doing themselves any favours acting as blogger bullies in this case and (b) how come the supposedly “family” brand of Disney is happy to be behind views that advertisers clearly find offensive.  It might be a US thing, but I just don’t get it.

 Thanks to Ellee Seymour for link to story

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2 thoughts on “Disney closes down critical blog”

  1. Disney certainly has a very closed culture. This kind of publicity won’t do them any good.

    Actually, I managed to get a settlement from Disney once. My family and I were at Disneyworld in Flordia when I badly gashed my head on the sharp-edged tiered metal seating at one of their shows. I had to have stitches and visit hospital three time. I couldn’t wash my hair or go swimming for a week, so it had quite an impact on my holiday. Not sure how many other people managed to sue Disney and get a payment without a solicitor, but I did. I had photographic and medical evidence and they settled fairly swiftly – not mega bucks, I’m afraid, but I was fairly satisfied.

  2. I’m not surprised Disney responded to a health and safety issue as it would fit with their culture of having robust policies and procedures. One of the CIPR Diploma students at Cardiff actually worked at Disneyworld as a cultural ambassador for Wales when she was younger. She reported the “The Smile Factory” paper was very like her experiences – but she did enjoy her time there. The strong culture and brand obviously has benefits in terms of consistency and control – but seems at odds with a more modern, open society.

    When I was at Toyota we did a joint marketing promotion with Disney (well Buena Vista) re the release of the Toy Story video – they were very arrogant (which I’ve also heard from contacts at McDonalds who deal with them over Happy Meals). Good to see strong control of brand, but there was a total lack of recognition of partnership as everything had to be done their way.

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