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I’ve blogged before on my love of  – so thought Stephen Davies’ review of Innocent Drinks provided an interesting public relations case study.  I already knew of the story about the founders’ research using the waste bins – I use it in my teaching as an example of cost-effective and immediate evaluation.  

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  1. I must say I love Innocent Drinks too! I think I like the company more than the drinks to be honest!? It seems to me they realise that consumers are becoming more and more cynical and they tap into that with straight forward honest speak – this drink wont change your life but its good for you and you might just enjoy it – type of thing.

    They put a very small booklet in one of the Saturday papers (we had the Times for news and the Mirror for gossip last weekend so it was one of them?!) and, speaking as someone who ususally immediately chucks the rubbish out before reading the paper, I actually read the whole thing. It was interesting, light, enjoyable and frankly made for a nice break from the CRT!!

  2. Nice to hear that you’re a brand advocate – I had an interesting discussion about Innocent with a corporate client when we were looking at communications. He didn’t like the language used by Innocent and felt it was stupid etc. So clearly, it appeals to certain people, but not to everyone. We also looked at Lush – which I also adore (products and company). The pseudo-letters on their website are very funny and, like Innocent, it has a particular “personality” that I’m sure you love or hate.

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