iPhone and public relations

Public relations people, start thinking now about how the Apple iPhone could change our world.  Apart from its absolute beauty, does this natty new device have the potential to alter the way we communicate as much as the iPod, and iTunes, affected music consumption?

Not due in the UK until the end of this year, this will be the hot Christmas gift of 2007 – no question.  All the “innovators” and “early adopters” (diffusion of innovation theory) will covert this baby – and expect to see it flashed about nonchalantly asap.  It will attract the crowds like an old-fashioned Barnum stunt.

I think the debut of the iPhone could be a “tipping point” for on-the-move online communications.  We still need a better national WiFi strategy, but undoubtedly, accessibility of online information, including feeds, podcasts and video-casting can only be stimulated by such devices.  You can bet the other brands are already working out what they can copy from iPhone in their own devices – as their share prices have begun to fall.

I like the ability to update the device through downloads – a personal gripe of mobile phones is that they are now disposable and that means all the accessories, such as chargers, need to be abandoned whenever you update to a new model.

It will be interesting to watch the bloggers comment – at moment, it’s all “oh-my-god” and drooling over the first pictures.  Let’s see if it stacks up when it is in their sweaty palms.  Blogosphere will be the testbed for public opinion on this one no doubt – something for PR to monitor.

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5 thoughts on “iPhone and public relations”

  1. It looks nice, but the idea of a touchscreen pad for a mobile phone, I don’t know. May be a bit clumsy as far as that is concerned.

  2. I think it looks fabulous, but so far the writing on the wall – or in blogosphere – is not very positive. I expect a few similar rivals will soon appear.

  3. The initial reaction presents some interesting challenges for Apple to ensure the machine delivers – and can overcome the perceived negatives. It will definitely live or die by the blogging community. At least there is a huge volume of feedback for the company at this initial stage, if they are able to take it on board. One positive is that they can now exceed expectations which is always easier than living up to them.

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