General Motors public relations targets bloggers

See AutoBlog’s coverage of  the way in which automotive giant General Motors engaged with bloggers at this year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit.  There are few heavyweight bloggers in the UK autoworld at present, but this is a development that I predict will quickly spread from the US.   The post is an interesting insight into the strategy that GM used in reaching out to this new group of influencers – which includes those with a non-auto focus.

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2 thoughts on “General Motors public relations targets bloggers”

  1. Are they saying here that they set up an actual room at the show to talk with bloggers in person? If so, then, is it a kind of face-to-face networking opportunity for bloggers and for General Motors to explain their wares without the restriction of the internet where messages are so often misconstrued?

    And to dispel the post-Walmart bloggers’ negative assumptions of authenticity?

  2. My understanding is that GM offered an opportunity to bloggers to come and meet executives at the autoshow – and have one-to-one interviews. Less about restrictions of the internet than a chance to talk, get an insight into the company, build relationships, etc – exactly was is normally done with automotive journalists. So recognising the influence of the blogging community and build on the good work of the GM blog. As you say, about being authentic and genuine.

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