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Good to see the first post from new CIPR President, Lionel Zetter, at PR Voice.  I think it is positive that the Institute has a blog – and even better if it:

(a) reflects the real thoughts of the president
(b) is of interest and engages CIPR members
(c) is an example of good practice in social media

In the past, we have got a sense from former President, Tony Bradley of his thoughts – although these have tended to be in relation to his jolly trips around the world.  Which brings me to (b) and whether that is that really what members want to hear. 

Lionel’s first post is open about being uploaded on his behalf, but in my view talks at members rather than with them.   His theme of “members and money” for the year ahead seems to be more about generating income than assisting members, but we shall see.

On point (c), Tony blogged infrequently – although it isn’t necessary to post every thought, especially on a more corporate blog, if this is to be useful, it needs to stimulate regular conversations and engage more CIPR members in blogging.

I look forward to getting more of a feel of the real Lionel – and some active participation from PR blogosphere and general members.

With all the global debate about ethics, the role of PR online, technology developments, case study examples, etc etc, that most PR bloggers are engaging it, I’d like to see some voice from CIPR actively participating in new media.

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7 thoughts on “Life at the CIPR blog”

  1. The CIPR aims to be “the eyes, ears and voice of the public relations industry”. If the president’s blog fails to reflect these values and connect with CIPR members then its purpose should be questioned.

  2. Stuart – I agree, best place to start is a mission statement or objective – and this is a good one.

    James – CIPR has an excellent website as a resource of information and otherwise emails and has an online newsletter. In terms of social media, PR2.0 (or whatever you want to call it), the president’s blog is the key evidence of “newest media”. It doesn’t really reflect an active, dynamic engagement with the potential of the new new media, in my view. CIPR has published guidelines to social media – closing date for input is end of this month. Most PR bloggers have questioned the necessity for separate guidelines as essential ethical matters are covered in the main code of conduct.

  3. Lionel’s first post is fine (if belated). But I note that he’s slipped into the same demotic as some of my students in saying ‘a blog’ when he means a blog post. If a blog is a post, then how are we to describe the site?

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