Canadian radio spins spin…

highlights a new six part Canadian radio series on Spin.  As he indicates, there seems to be the usual lack of understanding of public relations here (in favour of puns such as Spindustrial Revolution).  Read the interviewer’s transcripts and listen to the programme yourself – CBC Spin Cycles.  Only two episodes so far – but this looks like building into an interesting resource.

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  1. Hm, I’ll listen to those. He says he’s surprised about how little most people know about Bernays and what he should be credited for. I saw a book on eBay, a signed, first edition book of poems Bernays had contributed to going for just $50. Mind you, his daughter slated it a bit in her book Back then: 1950s New York.

    Cristallizing Public Opinion is pricey though. Is this because his works are considered more collectable since his death?

  2. Bernays is a mixed bag – wouldn’t it be interesting to use a time machine to bring him back today? It is surprising that in PR he isn’t widely known – but really unless they start to study, how many people working in PR show much interest in the background to what they do? The irony maybe is that as PR is taught in Universities, then the cost of the original books has gone up as awareness has led to a buoyant market. You can find some reprints now online – but I understand from someone who has read original Bernays that there is a variance of style so the thought is that staff maybe ghost wrote a lot of the material. How Bernays is that!!

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