The horse bolted – so now let’s call PR…

Interesting to see report that PR support has been brought in by Interference Inc, the New York guerilla marketing agency behind the ill-fated bomb scare campaign dreamed up for Turner Broadcasting’s Cartoon Network.

However, the report states of the PR firm involved:

Ken Sunshine Consultants has a long list of celebrity clients that includes Bon Jovi, Ricky Martin, and Barbra Streisand. Ken Sunshine officials declined today to discuss the case in detail.

Well, little evidence here of either crisis management expertise or even better, strategic PR knowledge that could be integrated into future “word of mouth” campaigns. 

Indeed, Ken Sunshine Consultants website lists nothing more than an address.  However, Google revealed the firm is

“a New York-based boutique public relations and communications consulting firm catering to a broad-based clientele in the worlds of entertainment, politics, business, labor and healthcare.”  Ken was apparently “chief of staff to the mayor of the City of New York and as a political consultant to national and local campaigns…(he) has specialized in media consulting, public responsibility and influencing public policy for over twenty years.”  He appears to be a self-publicist too and was “recently named one of New York Magazine’s ‘most influential people’.”

has shown a more responsible corporate face apologising via adverts and discussions with Boston city officials.  Although clearly the in-house public relations function needs to work more closely with the marketing bozzos who signed off the campaign to protect the company’s reputation in future.

There is a very simple question to ask for any campaign – “what if?” – and if possible negatives cannot be mitigated or avoided, then the idea gets crossed off the flip-chart at the brainstorming stage. 

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