Ford boss gets ready to polish his sales patter

 reports that Ford CEO Alan Mulally intends to spend a couple of days selling cars at a US dealership this year.  The web-boys hope it won’t be used as a media opportunity by his public relations team and I couldn’t agree more.  In fact, I think Mulally should keep the entire plan secret so that he gets a real experience, with no Ford exec bag-carriers allowed. 

With another report at Autoblog claiming huge over-capacity in the number of US domestic car brand dealers, there clearly needs to be a major closure strategy.  Often seen as the weak link in reputation in the motor industry, it is bizarre that car makers continue to support loss-making retailers.  Maybe if more experienced the sharp end of sales, they’d be prepared to support only those who understand the value of customer satisfaction and reputation.

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3 thoughts on “Ford boss gets ready to polish his sales patter”

  1. By keeping this quiet, would this be purely to find out what it’s like back at the coal face – if the CEO was ever there at all in the car industry that is?

  2. This CEO is totally new to the car industry – so I think his aim should be to experience the coal face first hand. Actually, this is something I believe all CEOs and other senior managers should do regularly – for internal staff motivation as well as the benefits they gain from such direct experience, particularly if working with customers.

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