Rethinking myself

Fascinating video from YouTube (which I picked up via Chris Anderson), which has been viewed nearly half a million times since it was posted by Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University on 31 January.

It brilliantly and stylishly runs through the development of new media leading to how it links people and is changing the world – and at the same time sort of explains how it all works (I think).  From a public relations perspective, I love the ending which touches on so many of the things we do:

we need to rethink a few things… copyright, authorship, identity, ethics, aesthetics, rhetorics, governance, privacy, commerce, love, family, ourselves.

I’ve been rethinking myself recently as I feel new media is making it hard for me to reflect, even communicate, in a linear manner.  I’ve always had a million thoughts on the go at once and suffer from “butterfly brain” and a compulsive desire to mulit-task.  All the online connections fulfil my desire to expand my thinking, and I love it, but I’m struggling to keep up.

I don’t want to write linear blogs – even with links, my thoughts want to go several places at once – and when I communicate verbally, it is even worse as my head is travelling too fast for my mouth to keep up with my thoughts (or is that vice versa).

Will we need to change ourselves in some radical way to move from linear thinking and communications as the online world gets faster and fuller – and what is the solution?  Am I just  or will my head explode?

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Heather Yaxley

Heather Yaxley is passionate about PR - teaching the CIPR qualifications, lecturing part-time at Bournemouth University and running the Motor Industry Public Affairs Association (MIPAA). I'm undertaking a PhD looking at Career Strategies in PR. I love sharing ideas and knowledge - connecting news and views by blogging on public relations and educational developments, especially relating to accelerated and active learning. I'm also a published author, qualified trainer and experienced consultant.

4 thoughts on “Rethinking myself”

  1. The viral nature of the way these things propogate is simply amazing. I posted this on my blog at about 14:00 yesterday ( I got it from Dennis Howlett who got it from Mark Lee). I mailed it to a researcher on the BBC4 programme Click On who had called me last week to discuss a web 2.0 piece they are doing next week. They’d already seen it and circulated to their team at lunch time.

    It is awesome (as they say over there).

    Those of us who are heavily involved in this stuff, trying to deal with the “river of news” identify with what you are saying. We need better tools to help capture the stuff, and maybe it’s worth exploring your multi-thinking direction.

  2. The struggle to keep up means you’re taking on the more rewarding task and the accrued benefits will mean more. Heather – check Girlpower tomorrow evening.

  3. Thanks everyone – if my head explodes, it would only be my 22 year old cat who sits on my windowsill who’d be affected – and she’s so hardy, I bet she won’t notice until feeding time!!

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