How far have you travelled today?

Richard Bailey references three dimensions of travel in a blogpost:

Distance. (Time zones, borders, geography, weather etc.)

Time. (eg his Richard’s farmhouse built 1771 is prehistoric in the context of modern Australia or America).

Empathy/imagination. (Even the simplest form of communication – such as a lecture – involves surmounting barriers of age, gender, language, interest, culture. Travellers are forced to build bridges and make connections, even to improvise communication.)

I like the idea that in public relations we are “travellers” needing to get into a position of understanding others and their perspectives on an issue.  Sometimes this requires spatial travel to meet people, or we might need to research historically the causes of concerns or perhaps take a virtual journey in imagination to consider “what if?”. 

But the most enjoyable travel is that to seek mutual understanding – sometimes this can be a very long journey, with a few bumps and detours on the way.  But when you finally reach a common destination in communications, it is one of the best places to be.

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  1. james higham says:

    Spatial travel to meet you, Heather. Now, that’s a thought.

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