The slope of hope in studying public relations

I always enjoy the posts from Bournemouth PR Girl as it is refreshing to read the thoughts of someone starting out on their career in public relations. 

As well as the emotional angst experienced in the “final countdown” of her last year at University, Louise has a great thought on the value of studying for her degree:

Because the life experience that I have received in and out of university and the PR industry in the last four years is immeasurable. I have changed, for the better, I have learnt more than I could ever put down here and I have had a lot of fun doing it. It would be wrong to assume it has all been amazing, at times far from it, but it has been a brilliant experience and for the most part the best thing I’ve done so far.

I always tell those setting out on their studies for the CIPR Advanced Certificate and Diploma about the “valley of despair” that we all experience from time to time – but also that the other side is the “slope of hope” (yes, I know it is cheesy).  Louise sums that up brilliantly.

Tonight the Wessex group has its annual “” event at Bournemouth University where we get to share our thoughts on PR with the undergraduates, who are starting out on the journey that Louise relates.

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  1. Thank you for your kind comments Heather – I hope Meet the Professionals was a success, it terrified me, but in retrospect was a great networking opportunity. I like the “slope of hope” analagy… it can often take a while to reach it, but when things start to look up, it’s a great feeling!

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