Cannabis contributes to carbon offsetting

I know it is flippant, but isn’t the news that the UK’s homegrown cannabis is at a record high good for “the environment” – as of course, the plants absorb carbon dioxide emissions.

Seriously there are some real issues here – with the link to criminal gangs and also concerns about mental health of cannabis users.  However, given the hype over which politician is the greenest in recent days is it unreasonable to wonder if they’ve taken their eye off some other key concerns?

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Heather Yaxley

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2 thoughts on “Cannabis contributes to carbon offsetting”

  1. Now, isn’t that interesting? I’ve just been writing to Bel about the hijacking of the green issue. Cannabis one of those issues where it is not all cut and dry. The smoking part of it is demonstrably damaging but the substance itself still hasn’t unequivocally been denounced medicinally.

  2. Case of “great minds”? I agree over cannabis – I am concerned over any implications for mental health which is such a devastating consequence for anyone (a friend of mine in his 70s has a middle aged schizophrenic son and that is so dreadful to live with for all of them). However, I feel you are right in that the medicinal benefits in pain killer terms need to be explored further.

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