New PR test – refill a stapler?

Funniest television moment of the week came on last night’s Celebrity The Apprentice in aid of charity .  As the Prime Minister’s former “spinmaster”, Alastair Campbell and ex-Daily Mirror editor, Piers Morgan attempted to of the “boys’ team”, neither proved capable of refilling a stapler.

That surely confirms AC was never a real public relations practitioner – bet he never stuffed a press pack either.  Seemingly such work is the job of a PA – as he patronisingly described the former Apprentice winner, .

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5 thoughts on “New PR test – refill a stapler?”

  1. Katy – taking you at your word, I figured there would be instructions on refilling a stapler on the Internet (of course). I found this fascinatingly bonkers piece about how to test a stapler which apparently is an interview technique at Envision:

    The Stapler Liberation Front (, and the staple-free stapler all appeared in Google. But then I found the solution: The US Patent 4163515 for a disposable stapler apparatus and methods of constructing and utilizing same – this “clarifies”:

    A disposable stapler apparatus adapted to be disposed of after a set of staples contained therein have been individually dispensed. The apparatus includes a staple magazine having a set of staples predisposed therein, the magazine being adapted to be substantially closed so as to be non-refillable. The staple magazine is adapted to cooperate in a conventional manner with a base so as to perform a conventional stapling operation on sheet material placed between the base and the magazine.

    Now, I really must go and do something more useful!!

  2. Talk about give a man a job to do, this is typical, my husband is the same. Now a woman could refukk a stapler, as well as answer the telephone and type away on her computer.

    Have a great week, I look forward to hearing about it.

  3. I don’t think the Apprentice did AC or PM any favours at all, did it? Before they did it they were known for their boorish professional tactics and now – they demonstrated that most of what was written about their behaviour is no exaggeration. Felt sorry for Tim, as he was supposedly hired for his business prowess and knowledge of Alan Sugar yet was used to sort paperwork and deal with staplers.

    Did anyone else come away from this show with a new admiration for Cheryl Cole? Thought her understated performance was fab.

  4. Heather – if your fetish about stationary needed to be confirmed, this has done so!

    I have to agree with Ren’s observations of Cheryl Cole – the stereotypical image of a footballer’s wife and a pop star in a girl band was shed for the sake of charity. I also found Tony Blair’s performance funny – a far better attempt to be a ‘man of the people’ than previous efforts!

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