Peugeot 207CC advert debuts on YouTube – but sells the 1930s classic 401 Eclipse to me

Apparently the new television advert for the Peugeot 207 CC debuts on UK television tonight – and of course, it’s already on YouTube

Personally, I’d swap the modern convenience of an electric roof for a car as beautiful as the 1930s  – which is undoubtedly the star of the new advert, and the model on which a  became popular

The stylish original cabriolet was a collaboration between Parisian densist and part-time aerodynamic design expert  , the Peugeot concessionaire Darl’Mat and the body construction firm.

Carrosserie Pourtout custom designed some of the most beautiful car bodies of the era for Bugatti, Voisin, Ballot, Minerva, Delage, Hispano- Suiza, Delahaye, Delaunay-Belleville, Talbot-Lago, Peugeot and Buick models belonging to the world’s rich and famous.

According to The (free registration), Paulin sold the retractable hardtop design and patent to Peugeot in 1935.  , a Los Angeles dealer in collectible European cars and Éclipse owner is cited saying about 470 were built, and about 30 survive:

“The Éclipse was a milestone design and perhaps the most attractive example of Art Deco design applied to automobile coachwork,”

Peugeot 401 EclipsePaulin, a Jew, died in the Holocaust – and it wasn’t until the 206CC launch in 2001 that Peugeot reintroduced the retractable hardtop.  Today, there are many such models, including my own baby, a Mercedes SLK. 

And if I fancied trading the Merc in for a 1930s Peugeot Éclipse (if I could find one), it would set me back around $250,000.

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