Motor journalists provide new service for public relations practitioners

The new website from the  (password required) is a really interesting development from this small group of journalists. 

Probably the most helpful feature is the listing of the 20 members which, as well as contact information and a one-click email facility, includes details such as partner’s name, nearest preferred airport and media outlets covered.

It is good to see a group of journalists taking responsibility for providing a useful service to public relations practitioners (with support from ).

WGMW has a good reputation among automotive public relations practitioners – not least for its annual driving event.  This is a very simple idea – motor manufacturers each take a number of their models to for a day where they get to drive each others’ vehicles in a sort of mega-group test.  The journalists organise the event and get to understand the hassles experienced by those in PR when organising ride and drive activities.

In turn, the PR practitioners get to test competitors vehicles – from the routine to the exotic – providing a valuable assessment day, which is also a lot of fun.

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  1. Would there be room for a human interest sort of journalist here? I wrote avidly for truck magazines but could never talk the torque so to speak.

    My most memorable feature was about a driver who was held for two years in a French prison without trial or access to an English speaking lawyer.

  2. There are a couple of Scottish motoring writers groups. The Association of Northern Scottish Motoring Writers and the Association of Scottish Motoring Writers. I’m not totally sure who is the membership rep at each and what their entry criteria is, but could put you in touch with someone if you are interested.

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