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Today I let someone down – I believed the new magazine, Revolve, would have been ready for publication this week and it isn’t. 

I had made a promise, which in my public relations world is a serious matter – and I also failed to keep someone who was trusting me informed.

It was important, because it carries this advert encouraging sponsorship for  – aka Steve Fowler, editor of What Car?  – who is running the in a couple of weeks.

I’m emailing MIPAA members and have put details of Steve’s “carbon neutral” efforts onto the website – and I’m blogging my apology.

Specifically I’m apologising to Peter Frater of Communications who kindly took the advertising space and is helping maximise Steve’s sponsorship for the .  Of course, I’m making a donation myself – doubled for my guilty conscience.

So if you’ve ever let anyone down – professionally or personally – please take the time to support Steve via  He is a big chap, more used to lounging in a luxury car and enjoying fine hospitality courtesy of the motor industry, than jogging the streets of London.  As the advert says: he’s got a lot of guts.

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