Why you should study public relations on Squidoo

I’ve just created a lens – called .  I thought this might be a useful addition to my portfolio of online “homes”, so we’ll see how it goes. 

I ‘ve linked to this  blog – and added “” as my starting module, as it is always useful to share some advice. 

I included some relevant books from , although it only appears to pick up the US site, where the books I recommend are much more expensive.

Last week, I set up an account as an Amazon affiliate – with links to books on my educational site: www.greenbanana.biz – again as a bit of an experiment, but something I thought might be useful to students.  It is easy to do and quite cool in that I can add a specific title link next to the relevant Unit of study.

I’m working up quite a few new ideas to improve the educational site as one of my guiding principles is kaizen – the Japanese philosophy of continous improvement.

The skill is to make sure new features are useful and used by students, as I’ve discovered not everything you can include is popular.  Although there is a lot of interest in the idea of online learning – it is important to understand different study needs and try to accommodate these.  Whilst, of course, encouraging the self-learning aspects which are vital.

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Heather Yaxley

Heather Yaxley is passionate about PR - teaching the CIPR qualifications, lecturing part-time at Bournemouth University and running the Motor Industry Public Affairs Association (MIPAA). I'm undertaking a PhD looking at Career Strategies in PR. I love sharing ideas and knowledge - connecting news and views by blogging on public relations and educational developments, especially relating to accelerated and active learning. I'm also a published author, qualified trainer and experienced consultant.