Why haven’t the Russians made a decent car?

Interesting post at Autoblog – Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister admits Russian cars have no “viable future.”  This is despite a recent report that Russian bureaucrats are being instructed to drive locally-made cars (ie BMW and Fords).

When so many nations are defined by their car industry, why are the Russians content with an image is of ugly, inefficient models?  Is it a legacy of the rejection of Henry Ford as the epitome of capitalism?  Simple economics?  It can’t be because Russians are any less interested in personal mobility than any other nation.  So what is the reason?

Of course, the 25-year old Russian millionaire and “baby oligarch”, , has an odd daliance with – but that isn’t a serious venture.

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  1. Thanks for that link – yes, lack of engineering talent would be an issue. But the likes of Malaysia and Japan used to invest in sending engineering students overseas before they built up their own industrial and education bases. It is very interesting that Russia is welcoming all the foreign investment and has never wanted to create world-competitive cars itself.

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