What’s your advice on video in PR practice and education?

I am keen to explore the use of video more for both studying and practising public relations.  So I am looking to buy a video camera for my birthday next Friday (I am so sad I always link something I want for work to a gift to myself – last year my VAIO PC, Christmas my VAIO laptop…) 

So I was interested to receive a link from Sheila Rainger at about a video of her boss, Edmund King introducing Make Roads Safe 2007 at .  The road noise is a little distracting, but I applaud the attempt to test out a new medium.

Sheila tells me she is open to suggestions on how they can promote video – this one is on their homepage and they will link on a new blog they are establishing.  She’s also going to post it to .  But if you have any further suggestions, comment here and I’ll let Sheila know.

Also if you have any experience of creating videos – either regarding cameras or uploading etc, your advice would be appreciated.  I hate the term , but feel that being able to offer “homemade” video to students – whether interviews, case studies or online tutorials – would be really useful addition to my www.greenbanana.biz site.  We could also develop an archive from workshops, which would be useful for those unable to attend.

Again, any knowledge or views on video in education, webinars and technology to deliver them – please comment here.


  1. There is no question, PR has to embrace video – YouTube is symptomatic.
    If every phone is a video camera (OK not always great quality) and TV screen, every iPod is window on the world and the telivision is digital and IPTV, then video is a natural as texting.

    Just because PR people are conservative does not mean that the rest of the world is. The channels for communication go far beyond the print works and PR people who are so far up their own press agentry that they can’t see it, have a sad future.

    Students (of all ages) have to do video.

  2. Thank you David – I’m definitely going to embrace video and encourage others in PR to do likewise.

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