Blue Monster – coincidence, flattery or rip off?

‘s is famous for its cartoon , including the microsoft blue monster series – “”  

And once you create an icon – like the blue monster – it probably isn’t surprising to see it pop up in new places.  Like where one of its laptop bags has a definite resemblance to Hugh’s creation.  More cuddly and available in white, green, orange and pink as well as blue – this could be a coincidence.

Judge for yourself…

Hugh has a generally open approach to the use of his work  – but I couldn’t see any attribution for the laptop bag.  So, coincidence, flattery or rip off?


  1. gapingvoid says:

    I vote for “coincidence”….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks a lot more like the cookie monster than that microsoft thing i’ve never heard of.

  3. Hugh – I prefer to think this is coincidence or flattery too.

    Anonymous – Maybe there is a touch of Cookie Monster too – although as it is a pc case, I wouldn’t recommend keeping the biscuits in there too.

  4. Katie says:

    I dont really see it, other than they’re both blue and both monsters, but they dont look that similar. Hugh’s creation debuted in late October, 2006, but the original Barry’s Farm laptop sleeve went on sale in August, 2006! If anything, it would be the other way around, but I think there’s plenty of room in the world for more than one blue monster!

  5. Katie – when you start to think of it, there are many blue monsters around. Sulley from Monsters Inc is more turquoise, but might qualify.

    I can see a “family” resemblance between the gapingvoid and Barry’s Farm monsters – which maybe shows a “great minds think alike” zeitgeist around that time last year?

  6. ha ha…love it. More monsters the better…they make a good talking point. I have a remix of the original appearing on my blog shortly.

  7. Doug says:

    I would love to believe Hugh’s claim that it is a coincidence (after all he’s one of us), but my money is on rip-off , sorry Hugh. That laptop case received a lot of exposure on blogs month’s before you came up with your version. And you clearly spend a LOT of time scouring other other blogs.

  8. gapingvoid says:

    Doug, it’s just as well you didn’t publish your URL. People will just think “What A Loser”….

    From March 31st, 2006:

    “sorry, Hugh”. I don’t believe you, Sorry right back at’cha.

  9. trrho1974 says:

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