Baby Google juice

My 9 months old niece, Lily Liddiment has no Google juice – until I post this blog.  She will then have taken her first Internet footstep, have a digital imprint and exist in blogosphere and cyberspace.

By the time she goes to school, she will be active online – her 9 year old aunt created a hotmail account for her on Sunday – and added her friends and family to her contacts list.

Online will undoubtedly be an integral part of her education and connections with friends and family in the years to come.  She will create her own world wide web linkages with threads tracking across the years and recording every key step in her life.

So I am pleased and proud to make that first small indent – a giant leap for Baby Lily.  Have your first drop of Google juice – courtesy of Aunty Heather.

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2 thoughts on “Baby Google juice”

  1. Wouldn’t it be good to start an archive of her footsteps as she grows with new online technology? A bit like a baby book with a lock of hair except her’s could have a cyber trail instead: first glimpse, above, first email, first online exam day. Actually recording every key step for her own children to see.

    Can that be done I wonder or would someone physically have to record it to hard drive, etc.

  2. I am sure you can create an online baby book using Flickr, blog etc – you would probably want to keep it private with family only able to access and add to it. But it would be a great thing to have as you get older.

    I always think it is interesting to see how technology is used for such purposes. My parents have a few photographs – some when my mother was a little girl, but my dad not until he went to Navy college. My bother and I had photographs (colour as we got older) and cine film – my nephew has video and polaroids also. Now it is immediate, digital imagery/video and online too.

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