Colour trends and communication

Seeing pictures of the Queen on her visit to the US got me thinking about colour and communications.  Her Majesty’s wardrobe palette for this trip includes mauve and turquoise, teal and sage, lime-green and fuchsia.     

These choices demonstrate “unexpected colour combinations” and “rich nuanced hues”; this Autumn’s predictions from Fashion Trendsetter:

Spicy Chili Pepper and exotic Lemon Curry stimulate the taste buds, entice the senses and enliven any wardrobe. Purple Wine, the ultimate expression of creativity, marries purple and wine, broadening the appeal of purple for fashion. The violet undertones of Dusk give gray a whole new dimension, making this fall’s neutral much more desirable.  Carafe, a deep, espresso brown, adds contrast to the palette, providing a rich alternative to the usual black or charcoal. Sumptuous Cashmere Rose is not only the perfect complement to any of fall’s colors, but also flatters any complexion. Many seasons have paid homage to nature, and fall ‘07 is no exception.  Shale Green takes the shade in a murky, blue/gray direction, while foliage-inspired Green Moss goes to the yellow side. Earthy Burnt Ochre is this autumn’s orange and sophisticated Stargazer continues the trend of turquoise, but with a deeper intensity.

Colour does communicate – the Queen’s palette is upbeat, yet not glaring.  Her classic style is enhanced by the fresh choice of colour.  Will she opt for similar nuanced shades to meet the President?

 is another interesting site, where you can create palettes, get inspiration from online or offline images and join a community sharing your own favourites. This palette is inspired by another of Her Majesty’s US outfits.

I like lime-green as my colour for brand.  I think its has energy and reflects clarity.  But it is rather trendy this Season – and I’ve been handed several business cards in “my” green recently.  So does it offer the distinctive connection to greenbanana that I am looking for?

To keep ahead of the colour curve, should I be looking to adapt – perhaps adding a contrasting or complementary shade to the green?  But then again, lime green is a good association with the brand name, greenbanana.  So what should I do? 

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  1. You could have a splash of purple and keep changing the accent with seasonal moods as they come and go.

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