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Making presentations and pitches are important in public relations – so we can undoubtedly learn from the Dragons’ Den videos available from the  website.  Indeed, these are useful to think about first impressions when going for that all important PR job interview.

Great to see the BBC making such resources available – really helpful for educational purposes.  BTW,  recommends Episode 2. 

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Heather Yaxley PhD

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6 thoughts on “Learn from Dragon’s Den online videos”

  1. Great Post! I watched all of them, and learnt a lot on how to pitch. How creativity and doing your homework is Vital in getting what you want.

    I find BBC providing some great documentaries and educational programs. If you get the time please watch THE CENTURY OF SELF on youtube. Great Documentary about PR and Bernays.

    One other educational video which I can’t find is ‘Crisis Command.’ If you do find it on the net please let me know.

    PS. I will definitely put this on my blog so other students can benefit from them.

  2. I am passionate about The Century of the Self – having recorded it when it was broadcast originally to use in teaching history and development of PR. So when I discovered last year that all 4 episodes could be watched (I use Google Video) that was brilliant. I recommend all my students to check these out. Just to see Bernays and listen to his thoughts is a great piece of archive for anyone in PR. Other Adam Curtis work is worth watching such as The Power of Nightmares (see http://www.archive.org/details/ThePowerOfNightmares)

    I never saw Crisis Command – and it doesn’t seem to be online as you say.

  3. Does it show different things to what has been on TV? I’m maybe looking at the wrong part.

  4. Jill – these are short clips from what was on television. It is fairly new for the BBC to make any material available that is useful in supporting education/development for free. They have some great videos that can be used in management training, but they cost several hundred pounds. So simply to be able to review presentations in this way is great.

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