We Try Harder – Avis UK joins blogosphere

There are very few examples of UK corporates successfully blogging – so a new kid on the block has to be encouraged.  We Try Harder according to the press release announcing its arrival has a blog team drawn from marketing and customer support. 

Actually though, the blog itself appears to have debuted in January – which might reflect an attempt to get it established before gaining media attention.  (Or time taken until the external PR agency were able to get the release signed off).

Posts are a bit cheesy from a quick scan as are some of the responses to negative comments made by customers and shareholders.  A little self-congratulatory and “thank you for choosing Avis” in tone.  So not surprising that a post on April 29 about responding to customer queries received a comment saying:

In the past I have sent two e’mails to your site, have received acknowlegement, but no reply, do you deal with your reservations in thye same manner ??

This comment has been posted – but received no response.  Let’s hope that stimulating more interest via the public relations activity doesn’t backfire.  My initial verdict is that to be a successful blog, Avis need to try a bit harder.

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4 thoughts on “We Try Harder – Avis UK joins blogosphere”

  1. You can just imagine the chat around the Marketing and World Wide Web Strategic Interface Group at Avis or MWWWSIG for short.

    “We should have a we try harder blog,” Said the Head of Online Corporate Development Strategy Management and New Marketing Development Opportunities (UK & Europe).

    “You’re right Sir” Said all the up and coming marketing execs.

    Result – We Try Harder

  2. I fear you are correct Richard – which is a shame since if their slogan were only true, it could be a good opportunity to improve its relations with customers. We’ve yet to see the mindshift needed in many companies that a blog isn’t an end in itself, and needs genuine willingness to listen and engage. In fact, responding to comments with real personality is more important than the posts.

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