Evaluating the logo launch and social media

The launch of the 2012 London olympic logo and brand yesterday aimed to engage with social media – so how well has it done?

A Google search reveals 138,188 blog posts on the topic since its launch yesterday.  Thirty-eight people have so far signed an online petition in favour including Adolf Hitler, Lisa Simpson, George Bush, David Blunkett and numerous wits, whilst nearly 25,000 have signed to change the logo.

YouTube has several spoof videos, more than 3,000 people left comments on the BBC website where 80% voted against the design.

Interesting to see that none of the 14 people who bothered to log in to leave a comment at the London 2012 blog have had a response – no engagement there then.  But there has been plenty of robust rebuttals against the criticism via mainstream media by the “management”.

I also found a post by Alex (no surname) head of new media at London 2012.  He evaluates the inputs and outputs – how hard the team worked, the number of attendees at the event, the smooth running of the launch and a lack of leakage of the brand… 

Those are all things that need to be evaluated as part of the process, but the real outcome of “one of the biggest branding projects in this decade” is whether people themselves accept and adopt it. 

The team is apparently very excited about “the flexibility that the whole system around the brand offers.”   There are sneak previews that more launches will follow of a “simple mobile application” and another treatment on the full website to debut in July.

But social media isn’t about you being excited by something – it is about dialogue, engagement and sharing.  There was too much old fashioned hooplah yesterday that got in the way of the team undertaking effective social media communications.

Measured on the goal of whether social media shows the public believe it is their games the answer has to be not yet. 

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