Interesting public relations stunt from Chevrolet with the WORLD’S FIRST EVER ‘SCRATCH CAR-D’ used to promote the launch of the Captiva.

It doesn’t seem to have created a huge amount of online buzz so far – and I couldn’t find any video on YouTube which would have been good.

is concerned about what the car will look like after it has had 16,995 boxes (which were coated with silver latex as per instant-win lottery tickets) scratched off to find a lucky winner.  saw it as a “symbol of unbridled greed.”

It was a good way of getting thousands of people to notice your car and undoubtedly gained quite a bit of media coverage. 

Personally the association with scratching cars is a painful one, having once been the victim of a mindless key-wielding vandal. 

Interesting to see that Covent Garden was the chosen venue for the stunt – as that is where the “” was launched by Thornton’s in April.

I stopped by Covent Garden last Friday after a meeting in London (I was shoe shopping on Neal Street).  It was incredibly busy both with late night shoppers and end-of-week drinkers outside the pubs. 

An obvious location for record breaking PR stunts then.

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