Is Katie Hopkins a media success?

I’ve just received an enewsletter from a media training company boasting that a former attendee was “white-suited alpha female” Katie Hopkins from show.

Given Katie’s famous putdowns, her much-mocked “Princess Di” eye-fluttering and emergence as the pantomime villain of the show – are they right to claim that she put the techniques they taught her to good use?

Although Sir Alan Sugar branded Katie as unemployable, photos of her al fresco romp with a married man reveal some skills in front of the camera – but not the sort one normally learns on a media training course.

Apparently Katie is considering launching her own training business

“trying to help people be more presentable, be a bit more forceful be more direct in the way that they work in business.”

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7 thoughts on “Is Katie Hopkins a media success?”

  1. Methinks that there’s more to this story than has so far been revealed. It all seems too neatly packaged somehow. I’m not sure what her game is, but i’m convinced it’s a game of some kind.

  2. Richard – I think you could be right. It is quite interesting that someone undertakes media training before going on reality television – quite smart, but very calculated.

    Also, the pictures of the tryst in the car are very odd – posed even. She’s now started on the Z-list celebrity circuit (9 out of 10 cats tonight) – and seems to fancy herself as the new Nasty Nick.

  3. Those photos definitely look posed. As Whatsisface on the Apprentice said – she is a game-player. I don’t think it’s a particularly clever game though – she just wants to be ‘famous’.

  4. I did wonder why at the last moment she suddenly announced that she hadn’t consulted with the carers of her children if they would be prepared to take bigger role, as they inevitably would have to if she’d won. How odd to go through all that and not get your childcare sorted out beforehand.

  5. I’m afraid i think such high power roles such as this shouldn’t be taken on by someone with two young children. Young kids need their mums, especially if there is no dad around.

  6. There is merit in being a mum whilst your children are at an early age – but I wouldn’t like to generalise this to all situations, especially if there is brilliant childcare to hand such as willing grandparents. In the case of my sister-in-law, she has had to return to her teaching job at least part-time whilst her baby is young or risk losing the beneficial interest rate on their mortgage as a key worker in London.

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