I beat Borkowski in high heels

Mark Borkowski ponders the recyling of stunts and whether there will continue to be media mileage if tactics are repeating with increasing frequency.

I wrote about  in April regarding driving on Friday 13th, which I’d originally used 15 years ago at National Breakdown – and Norwich Union had just repeated.

Borkowski cites a story in today’s Daily Mail from Sheila’s Wheels, about “how high heels and other unsuitable foot ware can be extremely dangerous when driving”.  [BTW, outrageous misuse of statistics claiming : up to 12million women are putting lives at risk by driving in “inappropriate footwear”] 

Apparently one of Borkowski’s teams commissioned a similar survey nearly two years ago for Norwich Union (yes, them again).

Well, I have the cuttings to prove that this was another of my stories way back when at National Breakdown.  I actually commissioned cartoons and published expert advice against driving in Wellington boots, platform shoes, high heels, flip flops, bare feet, etc etc.

But, I wasn’t the first to pick up on this idea either as this cutting shows, from Popular Mechanics magazine in 1936:

I hope Mark is right that the media will become wise to unimaginative rehashing of pseudo-news by PRs – but somehow I doubt it.


  1. Jill Blake says:

    What’s wroing with driving in bare feeet? You get complete contact with the pedals and no thick sole to dull the senses.

  2. Driving in bare feet is an issue owing to ability to apply pressure, and possible injury to the feet, if I recollect correctly. You also have to be careful about getting thicker skin on your feet as that can be a problem with certain medical conditions such as diabetes, I understand.

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