Paris opts for "pit bull PR"

So Paris Hilton’s family feel her recent jail time was the result of public relations mismanagement and have hired a “” to do whatever it takes to get the media back on side.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the family took some responsibility for the way their daughter behaves? 

Isn’t it time that she grew up and stopped blaming others, such as the media? 

Of course, aggressive PR types can bully the media by using money and other dubious tactics, but ultimately it will only be appropriate behaviour that restores a damaged public reputation.

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8 thoughts on “Paris opts for "pit bull PR"”

  1. I had a Daily Record newspaper thrust into my hand outside the train station last night and in it was an article about her opening a half-way house for women who leave prison. Maybe if this was a success for those who it is meant her reputation may recover. Putting a little back as they say.

  2. How long before she sacks this PR firm if she doesn’t get positive media coverage? I imagine her family would be very hard clients to please.

    The best thing she can do is find herself a job and have some purpose in life, as well as supporting a couple of charities.

    I had a friend who worked for Dempsters’ Diary and she always complained about the endless champagne parties saying they become so dull once the novelty has worn off.

  3. Jill – I hate to be cynical, but please – opening a half-way house for women leaving prison when she goes back to luxury and more money than is good for any human being.

    I agree purpose in life is good, but it has to be credible and genuine. A bit of superficial charity work won’t change a reputation. Getting away from the media and doing real work for a social cause may be different, but how likely is that?

    As Ellee shows, the party lifestyle is so dull, but these people seem addicted to the limelight, media headlines, etc. They must be very empty to not realise there is more to life.

    And as I’ve written several times now, the job as a bottom-feeding publicist is even more desperate.

  4. Well the half way house wasn’t there before but it will be now, albeit from someone such as Paris.

  5. Jill – do you mean that she is putting her own money into funding a half-way house, or just that she opened it? If she is seriously backing a campaign to help women coming out of prison as a long-term commitment that involves funding, that could be a good responsible act that contributes towards reputation change. But as with corporate social responsibility it is about being genuine and having long-term commitment not a simple publicity gesture.

  6. All I mean is that the half-way house will be there, partly due to Paris Hilton. That has got to be a good thing albet it a publicity stunt for her. People will benefit…

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