SurveyMonkey makeover

I’m a big fan of which is an easy to use online tool for creating surveys.  Now it has had a makeover and seems to offer greater flexibility and more features. 

I generally introduce students on the Diploma to SurveyMonkey as a tool for their final project where they are required to undertake primary research.  It offers a free service for up to 10 questions and 100 respondents, with low cost subscription for larger studies.

In addition, such tools are a great way of adding value to public relations work in many respects.

reports an example of low cost methods of evaluating internal communications, and I agree that technology has offered those in public relations simple, yet valuable methods of undertaking research and polling viewpoints.

As Tom says there: “Doing evaluation is not hard and it gives immediate benefits.”

We use SurveyMonkey with as an easy way of undertaking our annual elections as well as for surveying members views.  I’ve been working on a survey to assess views on our revamped magazine, Revolve – and found the choice of style of questions and options for rankings, comments and matrix answers very helpful.

It is easy to add a link to the survey into an email or onto a website.  That makes it simple for participants to click through at their convenience to complete the questions.  Data is then collated and available online for analysis.

If you’ve experience with SurveyMonkey or similar assessment tools – please feel free to share them.

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11 thoughts on “SurveyMonkey makeover”

  1. Gosh, the site has had a makeover! It looks quite slick and is the font different? It’s good, I like it. It has a less is more feel to the blog now. The use of space is creative.

    Never used surveymonkey, might take a look tomorrow.

  2. Thank you – I wanted to be able to use sidebars and the previous format prevented that. Spotplex is my first addition, it is supposed to be like Digg and help rate blogs and drive more traffic this way.

  3. Forgive my ignorance, but what is Sideplex? I see the logo but my syper sluggish machine won’t open it tonight. Our new site at work might benefit form blog ratings and traffic flow. If I knew what I was talking about that is!

    I personally like the sidebars as they are. It keeps your eyes in the middle when you’re tired!

  4. When you can, check out – apparently it ranks articles by the number of views they’ve received. You register your blog with them and then it can help drive traffic too. It will offer tracking for particular blog entries. The more popular content is, the higher it rates but by readership not by ratings by readers. I’m not sure how successful it will be, but thought it worth a try.

  5. I’ll have to check out, too. Looks like a neat site, though there are so many of these blog sites these days you have to wonder how new ones are really going to catch on.

  6. I agree Erik over so many of the new sites – it will be interesting to see if there is loyalty to the most established or if new players will add something to be worth everyone shifting to them.

    I have had students use Zoomerang, but not InstantSurvey – I suppose for me, I have a sense of familiarity with SurveyMonkey, but certainly am willing to look at the others.

  7. I used SurveyMonkey and found it easy enough to write up my survey, but wasn’t sure about taking it the next step. It took me two days and I ended up paying someone £20 to advise me; by that time, I had also worked it out. BUt now the evaluations are coming in, I do love it.

    I am still stuggling to add a pop up survey on my widget. I must say it is great fun and very professional and I keep trying to think of an excuse to try it out again after my first very prolonged attempt.

  8. We at Goodyear used Survey Monkey for our latest iteration of our communications survey. So far so good, but offering in 8 languages has created a bit of a dust-up in how to download the data quickly. SurveyMonkey requires separate downloads, kind of a pain when there are 8 versions.

    Sean Williams
    The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company

    P.s., here is the link to the article on notional measurement the esteemed Dr. Watson references.

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