Postcard from Sunny Beach

I am enjoying a short break in the sunshine at the Black Sea in Bulgaria – a resort called Sunny Beach.  The hotel where I am staying is pleasant and small. And if I sit opposite reception, I can get wifi access.  This is great for me as I can get my emails and avoid having hundreds to respond to when I return – instead I can sit in the sun and delete, delete, delete.

Of course, I can also blog, check my Facebook account, review responses to my SurveyMonkey survey, update the MIPAA website and all the other wonderful things it is possible to do using the Internet today.

Another benefit is that I can use the web to check out more about Sunny Beach.  At first glance it unfortunately reminds me of Spanish holiday resorts where there are big hotels, primarily catering for the “kiss me quick” type of tourist with burgers and chips, happy hour cocktails and tacky shops.  I’m sure there is more to the area, but the beauty of the Black Sea is a little lost with the “could be anywhere” tourism tat. 

From my hotel balcony, however, I have a great view of the shiny Black Sea and can watch birds fly around the trees that surround us.  Having also had many weeks with nothing but the rain in the UK, the sunshine is just brilliant and uplifts the spirits.

 I know that I should be having a break from work, etc, but it is less stressful for me to know everything is under control than face an online deluge on my return.  I am also less stressed knowing that I can use my mobile to call my parents and check everything is okay back home.  I have a good deal with Vodafone, so it shouldn’t cost me a fortune either.

That’s more levs (local currency) for food and drink then.  I always have a “small beer” on holiday as it reminds me of spending time with my nephew in Portugal when he was six (he’s nearly 24 now).  We had a lovely time – with the sandy beaches being “hot, hot, hot” and him laughing every evening when I ordered a “small beer”.  So cheers Rick!!

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Heather Yaxley PhD

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8 thoughts on “Postcard from Sunny Beach”

  1. Fabulous. that’s too bad to hear about the “kiss me quick” (love that) atmosphere. I love the Black Sea, and more so at Istanbul or Odessa. What made you choose that area for holiday? – or is this part of the teaching assignment you spoke of in the last post?

  2. I was just up the coast from you in Elenite two weeks ago. We bought a flat there. I didn’t have Internet and it stressed me out. But the weather was great. Sunny Beach is the worst of the Black Sea resorts for commercialism. Hire a car and drive south along the coast. You’ll get to see some of the real Bulgaria. Have a great time!

  3. Heather, if you can see your blog,

    It is Wednesday and I have only 14 votes from 49.

    If you’re thinking of waiting until the last minute, may I beg you to reconsider. Though we gave a date of Friday evening, the longer our members refrain from voting, the longer we are preserving the agony.

    May I humbly and respectfully ask that you don’t let it go that long but get your vote in soon so we know what is happening?

    Yours, James

  4. Ladies – The hotel was chosen by my hosts from Sofia, but as they are joining me tomorrow, we will undoubtedly be able to see more than Sunny Beach of the coast here. I was hoping for some authentic fish restaurants and a bit of classic sight-seeing that as they are bringing a car, should be possible.

  5. Heather, I disapprove that you are trying to keep on top of work while you are away on holiday. You should have left your laptop behind and fortoggen all about blogs for a couple of weeks.

    Saying that, I hope you have a great break.

  6. Bulgaria, huh? I’ve wanted to go for so many years, heard it’s great. Wouldn’t expect to find a place called “Sunny Beach” there, though.

  7. Ellee – if this was a 100% holiday trip, I would agree with you. But I came here to work, so had the laptop with me for that purpose. As I could wifi from Sunny Beach, I couldn’t resist blogging too.

    Erik – I would definitely recommend coming to Bulgaria as it is great – food, people and countryside. Sunny Beach has its plus sides including good beach and clean sea, but for me it is rather developed. I understand there are other quieter resorts if that is your preference. I am hopeful of returning to see those at a future date.

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