Hammering the Hummer

Should the Hummer be illegal?  I wonder having seen the news that Wayne Rooney has bought one of the 10mpg beasts (photo mocked up by The Sun).

This vehicle surely undermines all the environmental messages that the motor industry aims to convey?  How can anyone believe the autoworld, specifically GM, has any commitment when it produces the ?

Of course, in the US, GM don’t need to count it against their CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy ) figures and it is even exempt from the tax since it is classified as a truck.

It’s a truck that sucks in terms of safety – any normal car would undoubtedly come off much worse, let alone cyclists or pedestrians in an accident.  In size, it is a commercial vehicle, but the Hummer is most often driven by the likes of Rooney who lack the skills of the professional driver.  Our UK roads, whether in town or country, aren’t meant for morons in Hummers.

That’s my third objection to the Hummer – the type of people it attracts.  The endorsement of “macho” celebs from sportstars to mega millionaire rappers to Schwarzenegger target similarly knuckle-headed owners.  Alright, so Big Arnie has persuaded the General to create him a one-off eco-Hummer powered by compressed hydrogen – but that’s “” this environmentally unfriendly monster.

The world really doesn’t need the Hummer – so it is top of my list of products that should be deleted immediately.  What would you subject to the environmental eraser?

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Heather Yaxley

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