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he This is the reason why I have been a blog lite over the past couple of weeks.  Her name is Ivory and she is lodging with me for the next month.

She is a 42kg, 2 year old,  – and in a house already containing two “hybrid” dogs and an aged cat, life has got a bit more manic than usual.

Initially she belonged to my nephew’s mother who fell in love with the breed as puppies.  As well as Ivory she has Ebony, who is a standard black Newfoundland.

From very cute pups, they have grown into rather boisterous dogs and two were too much to manage – so Ivory is going to live with my parents in France.  This means she needs a which can be issued next month after the blood test confirms her rabies jab is okay.  Although she cannot then come back to the UK for 6 months, she will be ready to commute across the Channel.

I’m trying to establish a routine and some discipline – and given the patience of the existing tribe, we seem to be able to reach a state of calm, with occasional bursts of frenzied activity – such as when the postman arrives.

In my blogging absence, Judy Gombita has emailed me a number of interesting links – including a story about technophiles hitting the pause button. 

In reaction to online overload, some people are adopting strategies that enable them to limit their reliance on digital communication devices or at least to take a break and clear their heads.  It is called ““.

As I reported from Bulgaria, I was happy to have access to via mobile phone, email, blogging and internet news – telling myself this reduced the stress of returning to piles of work. 

In reality, the work was still there and I am only just catching up.  It feels like being a plate spinner in the circus – but perhaps more of the plates we spin are plastic or paper rather than bone china, so will survive if we don’t keep them all in the air, all the time.

If these tools are to be of help to communicators, we cannot be ruled by them – which it can feel like on occasion.  What is the worst that happens if I don’t read my Blogline feeds?  I miss out on a current round of chatter – but it is still there when I have the time or inclination to catch up. 

It is actually quite liberating to hit the delete button on a couple of hundred feeds in any folder – a bit like having a house tidy and dumping the clutter.  A touch of digital feng feng shui to improve the flow of energy.

Of course my hits might decline if I’m not blogging – but who cares?  And, I hope most readers are friends and will be happy when I am able to dedicate time to my reflections rather than posting for the sake of it.

In the past couple of weeks, it has been more important for me to spend time with my parents as I don’t get to see them very often now they live in France.  And using the presence of Ivory as an excuse for more walks won’t do me any harm either.

So maybe providing feedback to students and responding to emails might take a little longer than usual – but I know that I can rely on the goodwill my usual efficiency has bought me.

I’ve decided to have a bit of a Summer schedule shuffle – getting up early to walk the dogs and then work effectively and efficiently until 2pm after which, time will be my own.  Another walk, some reading, a little light blogging, shopping and other projects that are “meantodo”.   What Covey calls or balanced self-renewal.

Given that the GreenBanana ethos is one of continuous development – how can I ignore the necessity to switch off as part of growing? 

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