Why are restaurant websites so bad?

We’re looking for a new venue for the Christmas lunch in central London.  For the past three years we’ve had a great time at – but it was felt to be time for a change.

We don’t want to charge members a fortune, but would like somewhere that provides a good sit-down meal in a seasonal atmosphere.

As well as using various contacts, I have been searching online – but have yet to find a decent website for any of the venues that I’ve been recommended or have found.  Why are they all so bad?

Most are over-designed and don’t provide the basic information regarding their function facilities, costs and menus.  Presumably most restaurants see a website as something to have like a glossy brochure – rather than being anything more engaging.

They also don’t seem to have grasped the power of the online rating systems – I have checked out several venues only to see very negative comments from diners on review sites about either service, cost or catering. 

Don’t restaurants recognise the value of good public relations?

Anyway, if you know of any really interesting venues for a Christmas lunch for around 80 people – please let me know. 

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  1. This is such a good point. They are almost universally bad. I think there’s some crazy design firm out there that does nothing but terrible, Flash-driven restaurant sites. The worst offenders are French Michelin starred restaurants. I have yet to see one that doesn’t have flash intros, flash navigation and really annoying music. As a hobby I write restaurant reviews for various people, including my own pilot’s website, ModernPilot.com, and I keep coming up against this problem.

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