Irony or patronising – ladies, you decide

It is said that the first paragraph makes a press release, so what to make of the following: 

Elegant and smartly-dressed ladies visiting this year’s Goodwood Revival on Saturday 1 September stand a good chance of taking home flowers and bottles of champagne – traditionally the reserve of victorious racing drivers – as Goodwood introduces motor sport’s first, and only, Ladies Day. Throughout the day a leading team of fashion gurus, possibly including style-leaders such as Twiggy, will be looking out for the most immaculately-groomed ladies in the crowds, and awarding spot prizes of finest Veuve Clicquot champagne and flowers to the lucky few.

I thought I’d slipped into a time warp of the 1960s – and looking at the photos that accompany the release, maybe this is all written tongue-in-cheek. 

However, knowing many regional motor journalists, I think the irony may be lost and such work will appear verbatim. 

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Heather Yaxley

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3 thoughts on “Irony or patronising – ladies, you decide”

  1. Isn’t the term “ladies” so Little Britain? I do love the photos, but the concept seems so dated – but with more irony it could actually be fabulous.

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