Advocacy in action

I’m going to wind up my week with some praise and recommendations just in case I have any influence over those who kindly stop by and read Greenbanana views.

– Philippa has been an angel in producing the 2nd edition of ‘s membership magazine, .  I wanted to enter the publication into the PRide awards for the Home Counties South and Wessex region – so needed copies by close of play yesterday.  As ever, Philippa weaved her magic with the support of Alan at and copies should be on their way to members. 

Gethin Bradley – my , with whom I had lunch yesterday (along with his super wife, Jenny).  We ate at in Canterbury which was a delight and I highly recommend it.  Gethin is a PR pioneer and never fails to inspire me – although I am skilled enough to avoid being over lunch.

SmartNav – although fitted to my Merc courtesy of , I am a genuine fan of the device (which I call Tulip).  We had a MIPAA committee meeting at the company’s HQ a couple of weeks ago and it was fascinating to see behind the scenes.  That was when I discovered I really am an advocate as I kept chipping in my own positive experiences.

Jeremy Clarke of PR consultancy, runs the MIPAA JobSearch service which helps those in automotive PR who are looking for talent match up with members seeking new opportunities.  This is a voluntary role and one that Jeremy undertakes with enthusiasm and real commitment.  I’m sure he dedicates the same capabilities to his PR clients and ought to be more widely recognised and a multi-millionaire by now.  But then he might not want to run JobSearch.

Finally, praise to my little mongrel Barley – who has managed to avoid the “bitch on heat” attentions of Ivory, our Newfoundland lodgerdog so far this week. 

My life is busy and complicated enough without worrying about canine carnal lustings.

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  1. Had lunch with the family at the Goods Shed in Canterbury a couple of weeks back. Really nice local restaurant and food. Glad you enjoyed your trip down to my neck of the woods!

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