500 and still thinking

This is my 500th Greenbanana blog post and I thought it was worth a rethink about my approach to blogosphere.

I’ve tended to post on what interests me from the news, other blogs, the world of PR and my own experiences – which has given me plenty on which to reflect.

A lot of my inspiration comes from using Bloglines for RSS feeds, and I’ve sought to add new reads from visitors to this site, random finds, recommendations and connections (both online and offline).

My view on blogging is that it is about much more than writing posts.  It goes without saying that I believe comments left here should receive a response.  Also, I’ve tried to give ample linklove, acknowledge other interesting posts, and make connections between different perspectives.  I also aim to leave comments and participate more widely to debates.

So for my 500th blog, I’ve decided to stretch myself even further.  I decided to import the compiled by Constantin Basturea into Bloglines. 

I may regret this move, but thought it would be interesting to spend some time really seeing what is going on – particularly in areas with which I would never normally come into contact.  

Unfortunately for me, there are many blogs that I am unable to read as I only speak English – but that still leaves plenty of scope from Latvia, Korea and South Africa to Trinidad and Tobago, Switzerland and Iran.

There are thousands of people blogging on PR and Communications issues across the globe and I want to hear more of what they are saying.

I hope to bring some of these thoughts back here to Greenbanana as well as leaving my (carbon free) digital footprint in new places.


  1. Karen says:

    Congratulations on #500. I hope I’ll get there someday!

  2. Moksh Juneja says:

    Congratulations! I think you are providing an amazing oulook to the field of public relations and communications and this achievement, just proves it.

    Hopefully, I would love to start my own blog on public relations and social media, someday.


  3. Thanks both.

    Moksh Juneja – I hope you achieve your objective of being a social media catalyst.

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