Revolve – 2nd edition

I’ve just finished uploading all the stories from the 2nd edition of the MIPAA members’ magazine, Revolve, for the interactive .  I’ve added a to the website home page and provided a link to an online .

There are so many more opportunities these days to present information – but they are all additional, requiring extra time and resource of course.

Sheila Rainger and Elizabeth Dainton of helped as the editorial team for this edition – and we’ve already volunteers for issue 3 from .

I’m very pleased to see that the first edition of Revolve had over 450 hits, although it is a little disappointing to have only a couple of comments on articles.  But I hope that as members become more comfortable with the opportunity to interact with stories in this way, comment will increase.

We’ve also entered Revolve into the awards for the Home Counties South & Wessex region.  I see that owing to the recent floods and postal strikes, the deadline on the awards has been extended to Wednesday 15 August.

I have mixed views on awards, but believe that within automotive PR we are particularly poor at promoting our activities and achievements.  So in the spirit of walking the talk, I thought we could enter Revolve. 

The beauty of using online media is that you open out communications to a wider audience, which means you have to acknowledge that anything you say within the organisation will be read, and possibly commented upon, externally.