Heinz values meanz nothing

is launching  in a new microwave plastic pot.  The single serving, yoghurt carton style, “Snap Pots”, on sale from October, are said to reflect modern lifestyles.  Heinz beanz have bean served only in cans since 1901

Environmentally this move sucks, yet the company claims:

As a responsible corporate citizen, we’re actively involved with positive community programs and initiatives designed at improving nutrition, the environment, health, food safety and education on a worldwide level.

Delivering on these values, several in its Top This TV challenge have an environmental theme. 

Also, last year, trials to create a “new light weight easy open steel can end” saw Heinz receive a £250,000 grant from the Waste Minimisation Innovation Fund set up by (a non-profit company as part of the UK government’s waste strategy) to:

assist industry and retailers to reduce the amount of packaging and food waste that ends up in the household bin.

But plastic pots are a different story being viewed as difficult to recycle – in contrast as confirms: “Metals can be recycled indefinitely without losing any of their properties.”

Being 100% recyclable, reusing cans saves natural resources, uses less energy and water, and reduces air pollution. 

Apparently, recycling seven steel cans saves enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for 26 hours. 

Clearly something that didn’t occur to the bright spark in the marketing department at Heinz who thought the Snap Pot was a great idea.

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