A trucking journo’s view of blogging

Check out Brian Weatherley’s guest post at  for an insight into the buzz of blogging. 

Brian is a “proper journalist” and author of www.biglorryblog.com (located on the Reed website: www.roadtransport.com).  He is one of the few motoring journalists who really understands blogging – because he has been there and does it.  I love his view that:

blogging has been one of the most interesting, exasperating, liberating, intrusive, (and don’t forget obsessive) thing that’s happened to me in my life of journalism. I can’t remember any work practice that has had such a fundamental impact on my working day since I joined Commercial Motor in 1978.

He also highlights a difference from journalism – people spontaneously tell you that they’ve read your blog.  Even the lurkers are engaged. 

For those in PR who are cynical about blogs – Brian has 15,000-20,000 visitors a month.  This isn’t just an “audience” but people who genuinely enjoy what Brian calls the:

“frivolous, flippant and possibly rude things I’d ever wanted to write before in Commercial Motor but couldn’t get away with. It’s also a great place to extract the yellow stuff out of appalling press releases and crap PR pictures.”

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5 thoughts on “A trucking journo’s view of blogging”

  1. Something weird going on Heather with biglorryblog.

    He says he started 2 years ago, but there are only 2 months of postings on the blog – did it move and lose them? And virtually no technorati ranking. I reckon he lost it all when (I assume) they brought it into the main site.

    He posts a lot, however.

  2. Brian emailed me as follows:

    Hi Heather,

    I have only recently switched from my previous blogging platform of some 18 months on http://www.bizbuzzmedia.com to my current platform on http://www.roadtransport.com. It is our intention to transfer over the old BLB archives in the coming weeks.

    Meanwhile, if the person posting the comment wants to see more of Biglorryblog he/she can either visit bizbuzzmedia or I have over 200 postings on http://www.roadtransport.com. There will only be one posting on the automotivepr website as I’ve only done one as a guest blogger. All postings for the past 189 months have been pinged to technorati.


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