Bank holiday blues

I know we’ve been promised good weather for once, but the realisation that this is the last Bank Holiday before Christmas is depressing.

Already the mornings feel nippy when walking the dogs, students are enrolling for the CIPR Advanced Certificate and Diploma courses starting in October, I’ve had two Christmas Card catalogues and I’m working on the MIPAA Christmas lunch.

The shops have been filled with Back to School stuff since July – it will be Halloween stuff shortly, and I’m surprised the garden centres haven’t got the Christmas decorations in yet. 

But that’s glass half-empty thinking.  We’ve had such a miserable Summer so far, I’m hoping for a hot spell before it’s time to get the thermals out.


  1. Just to make you feel better, we are 25 degrees and sunny today and heading into warmer weather. I often forget how miserable British weather can be.

  2. Pete Wilby says:

    Hello Heather!

    I’d be more concerned about lack of bank holidays between now and Christmas if I worked for a bank. As it is, I’ll be spending part of this Monday marking assignments – sad I know but that’s only to make sure I can enjoy a break in the Lake District in mid-September, before the students return!

    At least I can sit out on patio while marking, enjoying the sunshine and a cold drink (glass definitely half full – if not more!).

    Enjoy your Bank Holiday, whatever you’re doing!

  3. Baht At says:

    You mean they still haven’t made Trafalgar Day a bank holiday.

    Pah I suppose they are frit of upsetting the french.

  4. Thanks guys:

    Colin – if we didn’t have “British weather” we’d never converse with strangers of course.

    Pete – sounds like a good plan; I’ve never mastered the art of marking in the sunshine, although a glass of wine always helps.

    Baht At – I suppose the French could spin Trafalgar as a success in terms of the death of Nelson – but wouldn’t it be nice to have holidays that weren’t based on a death and war? Why not just give us an Autumn day?

  5. jameshigham says:

    Bank holiday – what’s that?

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