Kia launches global blog

has become the first Korean company to launch a global blog – .   

It is early days with just two posts so far – but comments on both have already received  responses, which shows the company’s intention to engage through the blog.

This will be a collaborative blog with contributions to be made from a range of employees – which seems a good strategy. 

I see Michael Choo, International PR manager is involved.  I recently corresponded with Michael over arranging a bulk order of ‘s for Kia’s international PR managers’ meeting.  And, of course, through , I know the UK PR team well.

Initially in English, the blog will apparently offer a translation service so that Korean employees can post in their native tongue.  Also, moderation is in place on the comments, which is natural with such a public blog.

At present there is no link to the blog from the UK site home page, nor the US or Korean ones that I could see.  This should be addressed to ensure visitors to the corporate sites are aware of the blog.

Overall, a promising start and good to see another automotive corporate new media initiative.


  1. kevin says:

    Conregolation! looking very nice car in world

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