Poppy for Remembrance

royal british legionToday is Remembrance Sunday – falling on 11th of the 11th, 11am is a time to reflect.

The Royal British Legion does an amazing job with the annual campaign – with its iconic poppy symbol, which began in 1921.  The poppy is such a simple symbol – reflecting its emergence on the barren post-first world war fields of Flanders as captured by Canadian doctor, John McCrae in his 1915 poem, In Flanders’ Fields.

Unfortunately, the messages embodied in the appeal remain too contemporary with the current conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq meaning young men continue to need help following terrible injuries as do the many, many bereaved families.

This year’s campaign focused on the financial needs of the young troops, and aged veterans, many of whom struggle with little money or human contact.

All areas of public relations are engaged in the campaign – with the support of mainsteam media programming of dramas and documentaries.  Online media has also been evident in the 2007 appeal.

The campaign has included: a ceremony in Second Life, a Facebook poppy icon, an email sign off for companies, and mobile phone wallpaper.

The annual calendar is stuffed with meaningless events, but this is a special day and time for a two minute silence, just to remember, reflect and hope current conflicts could be resolved as soon as possible.  For the sake of those young people involved today, and the millions who went before them, with the same hopes to end all wars.

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