Vote for Jilly in 2007 DogCatemy Awards


UPDATE: Jilli Dog won – hurrah 

If you are looking for a quick cheer up moment, check out the 2007 DogCatemy Awards from the North Shore Animal League America.  You can watch some pet performance videos and cast your vote for the one you like best.

I’m backing Jilli Dog, who plays poker.  Rick who enables the world to enjoy Jilli’s talents has been in touch with me by email ever since I blogged on her dog trick abilities in August.  So I’m happy to support her in this.  Rick says the judges are:

looking for a unique, original TRICK, that’s fun and not harmful to the animal (so for the record, Jilli  DOES  play POKER, but I don’t allow her to smoke or drink.)

Voting closes on 14 November

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2 thoughts on “Vote for Jilly in 2007 DogCatemy Awards”

  1. Hey Heather! Thanks so much for the support! This was a fun event for a great cause, North Shore Animal league America, and thanks to a lot of friends and supporters like you, Jilli Dog won! We had a great time at the Dogcatemy Awards where Jilli received her trophy and a wonderful reception! thanks again, Heather! We are still hopeful to do a UK tour! Best regards, Rick Caran

    ps. and, as before, even though Jilli Dog is a Poker Playing Dog, we have managed to keep her away from smoking and drinking and loose dogs and cats! rick

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