Illogical boycott plans

I am rather bemused by the public relations campaign launched by the union, Unite to boycott Lil-lets and Simple products.  Somehow, I can’t agree with the analysis that:

Unite believes a boycott of Lil-lets and Simple is the only way to make private equity company Electra change their mind and pay the 46 workers the full pension entitlement under the ‘consent rule’.

It seems unlikely that they will be successful in persuading women not to buy a particular brand of sanitary product on the basis of an argument about pension rights (virtuous though that might be). 

I can’t see the campaign appealing to women’s editors either – so where do they hope to gain media or public attention outside the specialist Union media.  Or maybe that is the point – this is about showing Union “strength” against private equity companies.

Because if the Union really sees its campaign as the “only” option – the campaign seems doomed to fail to me.  Surely a better approach could have been identified to engage key stakeholders with the issue of private equity and pension entitlement?

[Link via Judy Gombita]

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Heather Yaxley

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